Our principles
Our principles

A philosophy and a passion...

                   Maintained for thirty years by our working the land, our vineyards have never been subjected to any herbicide harmful to the soil, permitting aeration, the very life of organisms. Moreover, the tilling obliges the vine’s roots to delve deep in the soil, bringing forth the site’s particular character.

                   The manual labor goes on during the harvest, the grapes being sorted on the vine. The winemaking is also done in the traditional way. The fermentation lasts a good two weeks, interspersed with punching down the cap and pumping over.

                   The wine is then placed in barrels in the cellar. In the ensuing months the second (Malo-lactic) fermentation takes place. The wine will stay another 12 to 18 months in barrel before being bottled and released.

                   In general, our wines are neither fined nor filtered. Our aim is to respect as far as possible the integrity of the wine, without rushing things.

Service suggestions, serving temperature, glasses

                   Large balloon-shaped glasses are suggested to allow the very fine bouquet of Morey’s wines to develop, thus helping the flavors to express themselves.

                   Serve the wine at 16-17° C [ 52-54° F] to fully appreciate it. Fill the glasses one-fourth full, thus giving the wine a large surface to bring out the aromas.

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