An exceptional region
An exceptional region

                This " land blessed of the God " extends over almost 25,000 ha. Noble grapes, an ideal climate and the ancestral know how of wine growers: these are the main contributors to the quality of the wines of Burgundy.

The grape variety : for class

It is the grape variety that gives bouquet and flavour to the wine whilst also expressing the character of the terroir - the soil in which it grows.

The terroir : for character

Nature has endowed Burgundy with exceptional soils that from the very earliest times man was able to recognise and put to use.

The vintage : for originality

Climate is the tool that nature uses to put the final touches to the character of the wine..

Know-how : for style

Without the knowledge and talent of the wine maker there simply would be no great wines.

Classification of the wines :

               In Burgundy the wide variety of natural conditions has given birth to 96 different appellations which can be classified into 4 broad categories:
Regional Appellations : 22 appellations
660 000 hl of wine
53% of the production
Villages Appellations : 41 appellations
425 000 hl of wine
35% of the production
Premiers Crus Appellations : 561 classified climats
130 000 hl of wine
10% of the production
Grands Crus Appellations : 33 appellations
21 000 hl of wine
2% of the production

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