A village... a happy medium
A village... a happy medium

Situated some distance from its famous neighbours,
Morey-Saint-Denis is a village that gives to its wines the finesse
of a Chambolle Musigny and the power of the Gevrey-Chambertin.

Location :

              The commune is located in the central in part of the Côte de Nuits, the best area for Grand Cru wines. The compact vineyards surround the village revealing that the terracing (the vineyards rise from 250 to 360 metres above sea level) contributed greatly to the classification of the crus.

                The 5 Grands Crus are grouped together at the bottom of the slope, between 270 and 300 metres above sea level. 17 of the Premiers Crus are situated immediately below and 3 are located above the Grands Crus. In short the communal A.O.C. wines are produced prom vineyards located all around the Premier Crus.  The soil is clay and chalk, and include rocks, marls, sands, red silts and gravels. The village faces east.

Production and vine varieties :

              Morey's calling is the production of red wine from the pinot noir grape.  Nevertheless there is also a small production of white wine: aligoté (regional) and chardonnay (regional and communal).

Regionales AOC (white and red)
Communal AOC wines : 64 ha producing 2000 hl (white and red)
Premiers Crus : 43 ha producing 1400 hl
Grands Crus :
Clos-Saint-Denis : 6.6 ha producing 230 hl
Clos de la Roche : 16.9 ha producing 600 hl
Clos des Lambrays : 8.8 ha producing 300 hl
Clos de Tart : 7.5 ha producing 260 hl
Bonnes Mares : 1.5 ha producing 55 hl (+13,5 ha on Chambolle-Musigny)

Characteristics of the wine :

              The wines of Morey combine the characteristics of the neighbouring communes: the softness and finesse of a Chambolle Musigny coupled with the power and framework of a Gevrey-Chambertin.

                They are quite deep in colour giving off powerful aromas of fruit (cherry, blackcurrant, gooseberry, wild strawberry, raspberry and blueberry)

                The Premiers Crus and Grands Crus display more complexity.  The aromas become richer over time with woody, spicy, and even animal nuances.  They become more pronounced in body, “fleshy” with greater length.

Bottle life and developpment :

              Morey-Saint-Denis opens-up slowly and shows good development after 4 - 5 years. Whereas the really great years will live for 15-20 years, it’s normally said that they require 8 -10 years of aging.  The Grands Crus are capable or more than 25 years.

                Their development produces a generous, elegant wine – some feminine in character, others more virile.

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